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18 December 2016: Kent Break Up After Playing Their Final Farewell Concert in Stockholm

Last night Kent played their last concert ever at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm. The final song the band would ever perform live was Den Sista Sången / The Last Song (the newly released Den Sista Sången video is above), which ended with these final words:

Det här är sista gången, sista gången vi ses
Sista sången, sista sången jag ger dig
Sista gången, sista gången vi ses
Det här är sista sången, sista sången jag ger dig

This is the last time, the last time we meet
The last song, the last song I give you
The last time, the last time we meet
This is the last song, the last song I give you

After this the concert finished and Kent, the best band there has ever been, finally came to an end after more than 25 years together, 12 studio albums and over 200 songs.

16 September 2016: Best Of Released Today!

Best of Kent

Today Kent's last album, "Best Of", has been released as a double CD, as well as for streaming and download. Along with 20 classic Kent tracks, it also features four new songs, the last Kent songs ever. A triple vinyl edition of Best Of will be released later this fall.

Listen to Best Of on spotify

24 August 2016: Greatest Hits Album "Best of" to be Released on 16 September

Best of Kent

With less than a month left until Kent's final tour begins (with 200,000 tickets already sold), today the release date and tracklist of the new greatest hits album have been announced. "Best of" will be released on 16 September, a week before Kent begins their last tour, as a double CD, and also for streaming and download. Later in autumn a triple vinyl edition will be released.

Although it was previously announced that there would be two new songs, it turns out that there will actually be four entirely new songs on the album. These will be the last new Kent songs ever. Including these four new songs, Best of will have 24 songs in total.


CD 1
1. Blåjeans
2. När Det Blåser På Månen
3. Kräm (Så Nära Får Ingen Gå)
4. Gravitation
5. Om Du Var Här
6. 747
7. Musik Non Stop
8. Kevlarsjäl
9. Utan Dina Andetag
10. Dom Andra
11. Sverige
12. Kärleken Väntar

CD 2
1. Mannen I Den Vita Hatten (16 år Senare)
2. Ingenting
3. Töntarna
4. Skisser För Sommaren
5. 999
6. La Belle Epoque
7. Egoist
8. Vi är Inte Längre Där
9. Terapi* (Therapy)
10. Nostromo*
11. Om Du Visste Vad Du Ville* (If you knew what you wanted)
12. Silver*

20 May 2016: Då Som Nu För Alltid Out Now!

Kent Då Som Nu För Alltid

Two days ago the public were treated to a pre-listening event where people could attend and hear a preview of Kent's new album, and today Då Som Nu För Alltid has now been officially released! This is Kent's twelfth album and it will also sadly be the last album the band ever releases. Nevertheless, Kent fans still have more to look forward to as there will be a greatest hits album released in the coming months which will also feature two brand new Kent songs, plus Kent will embark on an extensive farewell tour starting in September and lasting until December.

Listen to Då Som Nu För Alltid on Spotify or Deezer:

Listen to Då Som Nu För Alltid on Youtube:

3 May 2016: Kent Release New Single Vi Är Inte Längre Där

Today Kent have released Vi Är Inte Längre Där (We Are No Longer There), the new single from their upcoming album Då Som Nu För Alltid. You can listen to the new song below:

17 April 2016: Då Som Nu För Alltid Album Cover and Tracklist, Plus New Concerts Added to Kent's Farewell Tour

Kent Då Som Nu För Alltid

Today Kent revealed the new album cover of Då Som Nu För Alltid, which is shown above, and its tracklist which you can view below. Surprisingly, it appears that the song Egoist will not be on the album after all.

1. Andromeda
2. Tennsoldater (Tin Soldiers)
3. Vi är för alltid (We Are Forever)
4. Den vänstra stranden (The Left Beach)
5. Nattpojken & Dagflickan (The Night Boy & The Day Girl) (with Anna Ternheim)
6. Vi är inte längre där (We Are No Longer There)
7. Förlåtelsen (The Forgiveness)
8. Skyll inte ifrån dig (Don't Blame Someone Else)
9. Gigi
10. Falska profeter (False Prophets)
11. Den sista sången (The Last Song)

Due to some concerts rapidly selling out, Kent has now added eight new extra concerts to their Farewell Tour. So the complete list of dates for the Farewell Tour has now become the following:

Farewell Tour
23 September - Linköping, Saab Arena
24 September - Linköping, Saab Arena (extra concert)
29 September - Göteborg, Scandinavium (extra concert)
30 September - Göteborg, Scandinavium
1 October - Göteborg, Scandinavium (extra concert)
5 October - Bodö (NO), Bodö Spektrum
7 October - Kiruna, Arena Arctica
8 October - Luleå, Coop Norrbotten Arena
13 October - Örnsköldsvik, Fjällräven Center
14 October - Östersund, Östersund Arena
15 October - Trondheim (NO), Trondheim Spektrum
21 October - Stavanger (NO), DnB Arena
22 October - Oslo (NO), Oslo Spektrum
23 October - Oslo (NO), Oslo Spektrum (extra concert)
28 October - Helsingfors (FI), Hartwall Arena
29 October - Vasa (FI), Vasa Arena
11 November - Malmö, Malmö Arena
12 November - Malmö, Malmö Arena (extra concert)
13 November - Malmö, Malmö Arena (extra concert)
18 November - Örebro, Conventum Arena
19 November - Gävle, Gavlerinken Arena
25 November - Århus (DK), Ceres Arena
26 November - Köpenhamn (DK), Forum
2 December - Karlstad, Löfbergs Lila Arena
3 December - Växjö, Vida Arena
15 December - Stockholm, Tele2 Arena (extra concert)
16 December - Stockholm, Tele2 Arena (extra concert)
17 December - Stockholm, Tele2 Arena

14 March 2016: Kent Announce the End of the Band, but First a New Single, a New Album, a Greatest Hits Album and a Farewell Tour


Today Kent put out the below press release announcing that they will break up on 17 December 2016, but that before then they'll release a new single, a new album and a greatest hits album, and also embark on a farewell tour:

Kent goes into the grave - Starts the final journey with Egoist

Today marks the start of the last year for Sweden's biggest rock band, as they release the new single Egoist. The band invites you to a spectacular farewell, with a final album "Då Som Nu För Alltid" ("Then As Now For Ever"), a final tour and a Greatest Hits collection.

After 26 years together and almost two decades as Sweden's biggest rock band, today Kent announced that 2016 will be their last year together. This was announced last night with a movie directed by Adam Berg.

There will be a farewell filled with new music and celebrated together with the fans with an arena tour through the whole Nordic region.

Kent announces in their own words:

We have always tried to go our own ways.
Thanks to all of you who cared about our music. Thanks to all of you who came to our concerts, from the first fumbling chaos-gigs at small clubs during the hazy nineties to the large stages.
You have made it possible for us to continue.

We are eternally thankful for your support, your patience and your love.
To play in this band is the biggest, most enjoyable and most challenging thing any of us 4 have done in our lives.
It has always been about challenges, goose bumps and to try to have as much fun as possible on the way.

We wanted this time to see what would happen if we would do this for the last time.
What are the feelings which would then come out?
For everything is about the feeling.
We are very, very happy with the feeling this time.

This is not the end because we are bored together or because we do not have the will any longer.
This is the end because the best of all yesterday's and tomorrow's celebrations have a farewell in them.

We look forward very much to meeting you all one last time on the tour this fall.
It will be a blast!

Besides, everyone thinks that we'll quit before every new album anyway.
So we might as well make it happen.

We are a family.
For the family we do everything.
We 4 will be Kent.

Then as now for ever.

This morning the first single was released, Egoist, from the band's upcoming twelfth studio album, Då Som Nu För Alltid (RCA / Sony), which will be Kent's last. Work on the album began almost a year ago and it was recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York, during a few weeks in November and December 2015.

The album, Då Som Nu För Alltid, will be released 20 May.

To sum up their successful career Kent will lastly release a Greatest Hits album in the fall, of course consisting of Kent's greatest hits but also two entirely newly-written songs - the last new Kent songs ever.

During the autumn of 2016 Kent will do a farewell to the fans through the last extensive Nordic tour with gigs in Sweden, from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south. This farewell tour is the biggest arena tour the band has done in many years and has its premiere in Linköping on 23 September. The last Kent concert ever will be booming over a midwinter-Stockholm and Tele2 Arena on 17 December.

Tickets will be released on Saturday the 19th of March at 12 noon via

Farewell tour
23/9 Linköping, Saab Arena
30/9 Göteborg, Scandinavium
5/10 Bodö (NO), Bodö Spektrum
7/10 Kiruna, Arena Arctica
8/10 Luleå, Coop Norrbotten Arena
13/10 Örnsköldsvik, Fjällräven Center
14/10 Östersund, Östersund Arena
15/10 Trondheim (NO), Trondheim Spektrum
21/10 Stavanger (NO), DnB Arena
22/10 Oslo (NO), Oslo Spektrum
28/10 Helsingfors (FI), Hartwall Arena
29/10 Vasa (FI), Vasa Arena
11/11 Malmö, Malmö Arena
18/11 Örebro, Conventum Arena
19/11 Gävle, Gavlerinken Arena
25/11 Århus (DK), Ceres Arena
26/11 Köpenhamn (DK), Forum
2/12 Karlstad, Löfbergs Lila Arena
3/12 Växjö, Vida Arena
17/12 Stockholm, Tele2 Arena

Kent's new single Egoist

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