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Kent - Vi Är Inte Längre Där Lyrics Translation (We Are No Longer There)

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Album: Då Som Nu För Alltid
Lyrics: Joakim Berg
Music: Joakim Berg

Tractors out on the street
They bore under our house
Shadows fall through the windows
My gaze seeks light
I think of you often
I can admit that now
Sometimes when drunk I ring your number
But I always chicken out
I forgot how one longs
A consequence of having everything
But there is nothing that lives here
Since you disappeared
Why am I never able to wait
It's the story of my life
But I never had your patience
I just chased the next high...

I am no longer there
I am somewhere else
I am no longer there my friend
I am somewhere else...

I take the train home from the summer
For a dinner with my brother
He is the nearest I have to a friend
We talk small and big
It was not until I turned 24
That I finally understood
That the most important thing we have in life
Is blood on blood
We walk slowly home from the church
Having said farewell to mother's brother
Past the sluices where the willow stood
But we do not say a word
Our dreams are like films
Films we saw as children
And they play out at night
But we dream only by day

We are no longer there
We are somewhere else
We are no longer there
We are somewhere else...

You can not follow
Not follow now
There we will go
Must go
Must go
Not follow
Not follow now
(somewhere else, we are somewhere else)

You can not follow...

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