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Kent - Skogarna Lyrics Translation (The Forests)

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Album: Tigerdrottningen
Lyrics: Joakim Berg
Music: Joakim Berg

Ambulances and blue lights, an accident in the subway
Karlbergsvägen shines in the rain like the bar at Tranan
The maple leaves swirl like sparks around jet-black branches
Both the Autumn and I have probably realized we came to stay

Stay, stay with you
I won't go from here
Never go from here

This city is doomed, you lose no matter how you try
A guaranteed solidarity-free, New Moderate desert
The rain becomes snow, I see junkies freeze so much they shake
On the corner where the prime minister was shot who gave his name to the street

Stay, stay with you
Won't go from here
Never go from here

I hear the bass from the car at the red light, I know the song
Like a knife-stab in the heart, I wrote it 200 summers late
I stand there as if frozen at the crosswalk, and regret
A bus brakes hard, an elderly couple falls in the aisle


Advent lights sharpen triangles in thousands of windows
Five hours of winter sun, the rest of the day in darkness
A storm glides in over the city, increases slowly in strength
I hear the bells ring for life and death in Kungsholms church

But the night is not ours

Won't go from here
Never go from here
Stay, stay
Won't go from here...
Stay with me

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