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Kent - Ruta 1 Lyrics Translation (Square 1)

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Album: Jag Är Inte Rädd För Mörkret
Lyrics: Joakim Berg
Music: Joakim Berg

You would have left me
Sooner or later
And I remember I was like a runaway child
I carried your luggage
Followed you to the airport
It was there somewhere my youth was completed

So we left
But we both went in two completely different directions
When we came back
There was nothing left of us
We were nothing
The time goes so quickly
Every day is the same
You dream of escape
Being lifted to a higher plane
And so you move to the big city
Perhaps you get married
Have children
And then you move back
Suddenly you are back
To square one

If you wanted to leave me
Would you leave me
If I cried like Hötorget art's longing children
I carry everyone's luggage
In my taxi to the airport
Once there I suddenly see everything so clearly

So we leave
We are almost in sync, we go in the same direction
It is you and me
Let nothing else play any part
The time goes so quickly
Every day is the same
But I feel like new
I am a part of an important plan
And we move to a new city
We just leave the winter behind
And we stake all we have

Put all on one card
It is a chance we must take
You make me whole again
I am the chain's weakest link
But I hold it together
We dream again finally
We dream again
You and I

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