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Kent - Pojken Med Hålet I Handen Lyrics Translation (The Boy With The Hole In His Hand)

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Album: Kent / Jag Vill Inte Vara Rädd Single
Lyrics: Joakim Berg
Music: Martin Sköld

He takes off the sweatshirt
A birthmark
Stains his skin
And through the window
He is created as a god
She paints the lips red
From the hole there they appeared
And in front of the TV
Her skin becomes
Pale and yellow
In front of the TV
Anyone becomes ugly
I hate you as
You are...

I'm holding the hand before my eyes
But there is a hole
So I still see
If you knew how ridiculous
You look
And I run past
Hitting the cars waking the alarm
I am the boy
Who fired the rocket
In my own hand
There is nobody
Who can mend
A torn hand
I hate you as
You are...

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