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Kent - På Drift? Lyrics Translation (On The Road?)

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Album: Free Download
Lyrics: Joakim Berg
Music: Joakim Berg

We have no secrets anymore I guess
But it's so fucking cowardly to leave
The bohemians and poets are pigs
And On The Road is the stupidest shit I've read
Because Heroes and Heroines stay put
With their backs up against the wall
Just skin against the sharp edge
And they scratch and punch and bite
For their lives or someone else's
They get no reward
But they ask for nothing
They just do it, bite down and shut up

Darling what we want most of all
Is something that can never be ours
November is a wall of wet concrete
Where a silly dream of escape is born
To crash and then die
But Heroes and Heroines stay put
They spit hard against the wind
And they warm our hands
So we won't let go
Of the love we deserve
They dare to believe and hope
That someone up there is watching us
Someone who'd rather forgive us than condemn us
For something we didn't know we did

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