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Album: Best Of
Lyrics: Joakim Berg
Music: Joakim Berg

April came to town, the situation was desperate
I am proud that we took care of it
Some friends disappeared, love at long distance
Some of them I was with and buried

But in the memory I am home
My room in Äppelstigen
Take the bus up towards Nyfors to you
I find the last cigarette
In Martin's paisley-shirt
I believe that the world is waiting for me

But we gave no promises
Have no word to keep
There is nothing more to say now
I promise that I remember everything
Like sunlight on the facade
I see it clearly in front of me

A gig at a student union building
I met the love of my life
Without having really lived
I fell on my knees in the hall
I worshipped the telephone
And every silent minute was a betrayal
If I had something to say
I had to go all the way
Home to you or write a letter
So answer my question
I am so fucking bored
Why did everything become like it became?

The summer came like a cruel little child
You said now it is finally over
All the friends we have
Well, the few we have left
Are all we really need

Alone you came and alone you go
A lost astronaut
The only one living on Nostromo
The last of your kind

Alone you came and alone you go
The strongest of the weak
Incorruptible like Conrad's Nostromo
Are you an astronaut

I promise that I remember everything
Almost as it happened
We never talk about it again
But we always think about it
Distorting some things
Repressing all the ugly things we felt
We grind down our edges
Our dreams, our ideals
The incomprehensible love
And the road to our hell
Is built from good intentions
The heroes have become the enemy

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