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Kent - Minimalen Lyrics Translation (The Minimal)

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Album: En Plats i Solen
Lyrics: Joakim Berg
Music: Joakim Berg / Martin Sköld

I have a friend I never miss
I have a dream that came true
And I do not notice the light that sneaks in

And I shall think for change
Turn the other cheek
I'm just waiting here till the darkness disappears

I see everything I threw away
My simple excuse was life is exceptionally good
At catching up to things you threw away
Babyface believes in his faith in himself
But you shall lose it again

Once we thought of travelling
Short notice, just set out
Where every flight became a crash course in going under

I had a friend who called me sensitive
Who perhaps knew me too well
But that version of Joakim is gone

I saw you in the park, your reddest hair
The smell of spring snow-free lawns
Comes like a storm in April, an enormous
Feeling of freedom heavier than grief
Which you shall lose again

You are a friend I learned to miss
You are a dream under construction
I pretend to sleep but am awake when you sneak in

And we never went off to Memphis
Made no pilgrimage to the West
And that blind fanatical experience is something I can miss
The dream of Graceland
Myth starved children
The gates are opened and the ghost of Elvis
Stands left in his endless loneliness
Seeking desperately his lost integrity
It will never come again

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