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Kent - Mannen I Den Vita Hatten (16 år Senare) Lyrics Translation (The Man In The White Hat (16 Years Later))

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Album: Du Och Jag Döden
Lyrics: Joakim Berg
Music: Joakim Berg

A row of benches in a restless late April
I look over my shoulder and see you blink
I can have you whenever you want
A wind blows trash along the corridor one last time
And you and I hold our breath and hold hands in the leap
It is not so far from home

Yet there are thousands of tears left
They were yours to give to anyone
At last
They are the most precious jewellery you have
So never apologise again
At last we pass their borders

Do you remember our blood-oath, our law
Our stupid crusade against an equally stupid town
I remember everything, like nails on glass
But you just laugh at me, reduce everything to a joke
But I see in your anxious demeanor, your hunting look that it feels
That it is far from home

And soon there are no tears left
They were ours to give to anyone
At last
They are the most precious jewellery we have
So never apologise again
At last you set your own borders

That boy I never knew
Who walked on streets I never saw
And thought thoughts I never thought
Under thin and flyaway hair

And all the emotions struck and exploded
The whole everyday full of holes
In a time when nothing happened
In a town that always slept

But darling we were all once small
Yes, we were all once small
Yes, we were all once small

I throw stones in my glass house
I throw darts in my incubator
And so I grow my fear
Yes, I constantly sow new seeds

And in my greenhouse I am safe
There envy grows clear and green
I am scared out of my life of living
And I am scared to death of dying

But darling we will all one day die
Yes, we will all one day die
Yes, we will all one day die

We will all one day die
We will all one day die
We will all one day die

(The following lines are only sung during live performances)
A dyslexic little cowboy
Rules the world from a country
Where the Christian white conservatives
And NRA go hand in hand
And we dance to their tune
Fatten fat wonderkids
With a Big Mac in front of the TV
Like a true American

I am 40 years from death
According to today’s statistics
It is a soothing thought
That we have such little time
And it's hard for me to show my feelings
When it's not about us
And I have never had an opinion
Never carried any cross

And time softly crushes your resistance
It will melt away like snow
Until you hit your cane against the wall
That you built around your island
And all your friends
And your entire family
They walk swiftly towards the day
When they will no longer exist
For darling we will all one day die

And he who stares out from the mirror
It surely cannot be me?
When did I become so ugly and tired and old
So lonely, cowardly and weak
And you hate who you become
And despise who you were
Then there is no God in the world
That can give you an answer
Except: We will all one day die

I hate the songs I've written
I hate everything I've ever said
And I hate who I've become
When I thought I had control
I hate the clichés I've spread
On singing and dancing and liquor
Maybe one should commit suicide now
But I really like it in my suite
Darling, we will all one day die

So you took my hand in the crowd
And said: Darling everything is shit
And my cynical heart flickers
When the love of my life draws her knife
You said: We'll go to heaven together, won't we?
But make the most of our time
And I hear the bells ringing
For the oldest pick up line in the world
"Darling we will all one day die"

I have always liked weakness
Like sex and alcohol and drugs
There is always a way out
And I have never been strong
Because in my head burned a contradiction
A wildfire in a park
Where one hundred thousand monkeys
Filled blank sheets of paper
With the words: We will all one day die

And I will protect those I love
With heart, body and soul
I will protect them against life
Which is hard and ugly and brittle
I will give them all that is left
When I am finished with this
I will give them something that helps
Against an evil and toxic world
For you and I will never die

What I want cannot be bought
Not stolen, got on loan
What I want cannot be owned
It is so much greater than that
I throw paper planes from the high-rise
At a spark hidden in the snow
I must believe that it can happen
I must dream my own dream
For you and I will never die
No, you and I will never die

I think I know what everything is about
I think I finally understand
That there is no magic shortcut
No smoke and no trace
And there is no easy solution
Nothing black and white, only gray
You take what you've been given
And say "I love what I have"
You and I will never die
No, you and I will never die

What we have will never die
No, what we have will never die
What we have will never die

I have your head against my shoulder
Your little forehead is so warm
I have your life in my hands
Because you have no other
And your heartbeat makes small rings
In the black water all around
And so I remember nothing else
That even means anything

And you are a glimmer of light in the fog
You are light which longs inside
You are the only one here that burns
Never give up, never stand still
And there is nothing more to say
Your pulse becomes overflown
And I have nothing more to say
Because your silence is my prayer

May the black salty waters
Cool fever-red cheeks
May we be miles from life
Before the morning is complete
Not of this world
Was I and my endless hardship
I suffered for my fears, my unbelief
And my fervent love's sake

By a shell-covered seashore
Stands a gate of heavy roses
Wherein decaying shipwrecks rest
And the weary men find peace
Never-heard high songs
Like violin-echoes sing
Under the arch where forever young children
Of paradise live

For me everything became a contest
An exercise in faithfulness
A frontal assault in love
Where a white flag is seen as a betrayal
But I follow you wherever you go
Even to hell and back
Because in you I see the sparkle
Although the years have made it weaker
We will all one day die

Some promises must be forgotten
Some memories must die
Old dreams must be crushed
For the new that will take over
Some rules must be broken
Darling was that not as we said?
We have always played the game
But once we were on the same team
We were those who cannot die
We were those who cannot die
But darling we will all one day die

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