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Kent - Klåparen Lyrics Translation (The Bungler)

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Album: Du Och Jag Döden
Lyrics: Joakim Berg
Music: Joakim Berg / Martin Sköld

You walk in your inimitable way
Over the schoolyard's gravel by yourself
In your newly cut hair, like an Irish idol's
Your reflection in the window glass
Admires every step you take

And then it flashes
Green, red, yellow lights
You were on needles when you came
With your smuggled-in intoxication

And then they darken down, for one last quiet chance
And everything blackens in panic when you see that everyone already has a dance
And all is like before

And you remember who you were with contempt, a little hatred
And one becomes like one's mother or father
You have changed your ways, erased every trace
But in your soul, yes far, far inside, echoes the teenager's roar

And then it flashes
And they turn up all the lights
And you were alone when you came, now the magic has burnt out
And then they darken down
All the signs, all the lights
And when the park lies empty, you realize that your evening has just ended
And everything is like before

And then it flashes
And they turn up all the lights
You were alone when you came
And you are just as alone now
And then they darken down all the streets, all the houses
And when the city lies empty you realize
That this is what your life looks like
And everything is like before

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