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30 April 2014: Tigerdrottningen Released Today

Kent Tigerdrottningen

Today Kent have released their eleventh studio album "Tigerdrottningen", which means "The Tiger Queen" in English. The album was recorded at Conway Studios in Los Angeles and mixed in Park Studio. To give people a small preview of Tigerdrottningen, Kent released three of the songs on Spotify before the album came out: "Skogarna" was made available on 25 April, "Godhet" on 26 April, and "Din enda vän" on 27 April.

Tigerdrottningen tracklist:
1. Mirage
2. Var är vi nu? (Where Are We Now?)
3. Skogarna (The Forests)
4. La Belle Epoque
5. Svart snö (Black Snow)
6. Allt har sin tid (Everything Has Its Time)
7. Innan himlen faller ner (Before The Sky Falls Down)
8. Din enda vän (Your Only Friend)
9. Godhet (Goodness)
10. Simmaren (The Swimmer)
11. Den andra sidan (The Other Side)

12 March 2014: New Single "La Belle Epoque" Released and New Album to Follow on April 30!

Today Kent released La Belle Epoque, the first single from their upcoming album which will be released on April 30. You can listen to the new single in the video below complete with Swedish lyrics.

La Belle Epoque Lyrics in Swedish
La Belle Epoque Lyrics in English

31 December 2012: New Kent Song Ingen Kunde Röra Oss!

Kent recorded a new song on 17-18 December called Ingen Kunde Röra Oss (None Could Touch Us). The song is now available on iTunes, Wimp and Spotify and all proceeds go to ROKS - The National Organization for Women's and Girl's Shelters in Sweden.

Back on 27 June, Kent released the second single from Jag Är Inte Rädd För Mörkret: Jag Ser Dig. A remix by Adrian Lux was included as the B-side. The third single Tänd På was later released on 3 October with Ett år Utan Sommar as the B-side, which Kent previously released on Soundcloud. You can check out the videos for both these singles at the videos page.

25 April 2012: Jag Är Inte Rädd För Mörkret Released and Spring Tour Announced!

Today Kent's new album Jag Är Inte Rädd För Mörkret was released! Kent held a press conference yesterday at midday where they discussed their new album. A video of the press conference is here. At the press conference Kent also announced a small spring tour. Tickets will be sold on Friday at 9am.

Kent spring tour 2012:
24 May - Copenhagen (Denmark) - Vega
25 May - Oslo (Norway) - Rockefeller
26 May - Stockholm - Cirkus
30 May - Gothenburg - Trädgårn
31 May - Eskilstuna - Lokomotivet
2 June - Malmo - KB

Jag Är Inte Rädd För Mörkret's release follows the first five songs on the album being made available on Spotify a few days ago to give fans a preview of the new album. Joakim Berg then posted the lyrics to the new songs in the forum, and you can also find the new song lyrics at the lyrics page.


23 April 2012: New Kent Book "Lägg er inte i!"

Artist Jesper Waldersten has teamed up with Kent to create a new book called Lägg er inte i! (Don't Interfere!). The book is 300 pages, hard cover and can be ordered online from April 25 via the official website or bought in stores from May 5. Below is a portion of the official press release and you can also view the entire press release in pdf format.



Kent Waldersten - Lägg er inte i!
Text, Photo, Illustration: Jesper Waldersten
Lyrics: Jocke Berg

"'Wanna come along, we're leaving in eight days?' I got to follow the band for 17 intense days and nights in November 2011 in an old factory just outside of Saint Remy, Provence, during the recording of the "album with more titles than songs". On the way home i had terrible diarrhea. That comes from having fun, getting inspired, when the valves been opened wide, when the secret doors have fluttered in the wind. Perhaps I had it coming or...
You had it coming!"

Jesper Waldersten.

WHEN SWEDEN'S BIGGEST ROCK BAND Kent releases a new album, it's the music event of the year in Sweden: and on April 25th they're releasing Jag är inte rädd för mörkret (I am not afraid of the dark). Simultaneously a completely unique book is released.

Kent Waldersten - Lägg er inte i! (Don't Interfere!) is a near cosmic encounter between music, art, design and craftmanship.

In close collaboration with the band, artist Jesper Waldersten has created a stunning work of art, equally as beautiful and multilayered as Kent's music. Through text, and most of all images and photos, Jesper Waldersten interprets the band, the new album and their work during the recording. The result is an absolutely stunning book that will be adored by not only fans of Kent, but also lovers of beautiful books and admirers of Jesper Waldersten.

Full Press Release

30 March 2012: Bonus Kent Song "Ett År Utan Sommar"!

Kent have released a bonus song named Ett År Utan Sommar (A Year Without Summer). Kent have also revealed the tracklist to Jag är Inte Rädd För Mörkret:

1. 999
2. Petroleum
3. Isis & Bast
4. Jag Ser Dig
5. Tänd På
6. Beredd På Allt
7. Ruta 1
8. Färger På Natten
9. Låt Dom Komma
10. Hänsyn

On 28 March the new single 999 was released at midnight. A few hours before this Kent played the awaited live video of 999 which you can check out below.

27 March 2012: Live Video of 999

19 March 2012: Jag är Inte Rädd För Mörkret on 25 April & New Single 999 on 28 March!

Kent have announced through their twitter account that they will be releasing the new album Jag är Inte Rädd För Mörkret on 25 April and their new single 999 on 28 March.

They also posted that on Friday they were going to play 999 on television. However the television show wanted them to cut the song by 2:53 to keep people from changing channels. So Kent refused, but since they have already booked the crew they have decided to record the song anyway and will broadcast the performance soon, signing off with "We'll be back!"

Kent have also added some new tour dates and you can find the complete Summer tour so far at the Kent Tour page.

12 December 2011: New Kent Album in April!

In April Kent will release their next album "Jag är inte rädd för mörkret" (I am not afraid of the dark).

The band says of the new album: "We wanted to make a collection of songs where only the best songs qualified. Proud, hopeful and relieved (well, almost) from self pity. We wanted to once again return to the point where we play magical songs together in a room. You will love it!"

Kent rehearsed the new songs in Autumn, which had been written through the year. In November the band then went to France and returned with a new album in the bag.

So far these tour dates have been announced, with more to follow:

29 June - Borlänge - Peace & Love
30 June - Hamar (Norway) - Hamar Music Festival
6 July - Karlstad - Putte i parken
13 July - Stavern (Norway) - Stavern Festivalen
14 July - Göteborg - Trädgårdsföreningen
4 August - Oslo (Norway) - Operataket
9 August - Skanderborg (Denmark) - Smukfest 2012
17 August - Ålesund (Norway) - Jugendfest
21 August - Åbo (Finland) - Slottsfestival

22 August 2011: New Single Det Känns Perfekt Released

Today the new single "Det känns perfekt" (It feels perfect) was released on CD. The song is performed by Joakim Berg and featured in the movie Bilar 2 (Cars 2). You can read the lyrics translation here: Kent - Det Känns Perfekt Lyrics.

Det känns perfekt is a Swedish version of the 1984 song "You might think" by The Cars. In the English version of Cars 2, the band Weezer performs the song in the movie. You can hear a small sample of the song on youtube:

Release dates:
15 August: 1 track digital single
22 August: 1 track CD single

1 October 2010: New Single Ismael / Varje Gång Du Möter Min Blick in a Week!

In one week Kent will release their second single from En Plats i Solen. Like the last it will be a double A-Side with Ismael and Varje Gång Du Möter Min Blick. The single will be digitally released on 8 October and there will also be a 1000 copy limited edition of the physical single released.

Kent have also been nominated for the MTV European Music Awards in the category of Best Swedish Act. We will get to find out if Kent wins on 7 November when the awards take place in Madrid. Before then you can vote for Kent over at the MTV Europe Music Awards Website.

One month ago Kent won another award, this time for best live group at the Rockbjörnen Gala in Stockholm. Kent have now won eleven Rockbjörnen awards in their career. Sami emphasised the importance of the award for best live group saying it plays a huge role as Kent is a live band and Markus commented that Kent's live performances are just as important as the discs.

23 June 2010: Kent's En Plats i Solen Digitally Released Today!

As a gift to loyal fans, Kent have decided they will release their new album En Plats i Solen for digital download from at 7am Swedish time today. Tomorrow En Plats i Solen will then be digitally released on itunes and after that on Monday, 28 June it will be released by other digital retailers.

Tomorrow Kent's new album will be sent out to record stores in Sweden for the physical release next week. Kent are also offering En Plats i Solen on vinyl at the end of July in a 1000 copy limited edition.

14 June 2010: New Kent Album "En Plats i Solen" and New Kent Single "Gamla Ullevi / Skisser för Sommaren"!


Kent have just announced that on June 30 they will release their ninth studio album, "En Plats i Solen" (A Place in the Sun). Today Kent have released a double A-Side single with the tracks "Gamla Ullevi" and "Skisser för Sommaren" (Sketches for Summer) available from and itunes.

En Plats i Solen was written in early Spring and was recorded and mixed in Psykbunkern/Park studio. The album was produced by Kent and Stefan Boman.

Tracklist of En Plats i Solen:
01. Glasäpplen (Glass Apples)
02. Ismael
03. Skisser för Sommaren (Sketches for Summer)
04. Ärlighet Respekt Kärlek (Honesty Respect Love)
05. Varje gång du möter min blick (Every Time You Meet My Eyes)
06. Ensam lång väg hem (Lonely Long Way Home)
07. Team building
08. Gamla Ullevi (Old Ullevi)
09. Minimalen (The Minimal)
10. Passagerare (Passengers)

26 May 2010: Kent's Singstar Released Today!

Today Singstar Kent was released for the Playstation 2 and 3, with Kent holding a release party in Stockholm to celebrate.

Only a handful of bands have their own Singstar game and Kent has now joined this exclusive club. Kent is just the second Swedish band after ABBA to have a Singstar version. And Kent's Singstar is the only one to ever be released with all the songs sung in Swedish only.

Kent Singstar
The songs included on Singstar Kent for Playstation 2 are:
Den Döda Vinkeln
Dom Andra
Dom Som Försvann
Generation Ex
Kärleken Väntar
Kräm (så nära får ingen gå)
Max 500
Musik Non Stop
När Det Blåser På Månen
Om Du Var Här
Vy från ett luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix)

There are five extra songs on the Playstation 3 version:
Det Finns Inga Ord
Palace & Main
Svarta Linjer
Vals För Satan (Din Vän Pessimisten)

8 March 2010: Official Idioter Video

Kent have now released the official video for Idioter (the last video was an alternative version):

4 March 2010: Kent's Helsinki Concert Moved to Sunday and the Idioter Video Released

Kent's concert in Helsinki, Hartwall Arena originally set for 5 March has now been moved to Sunday 6 March. The boat carrying Kent's equipment became stuck in sea ice today and had to be freed by an ice breaker. Unfortunately this meant it had to return to Stockholm and will not be able to make it to Helsinki in time for the 5 March concert. The new concert will now take place on Sunday instead at the same venue and at the same time and the original tickets will be valid. Kent have apologized and hope to see all their fans on Sunday.

Although the Idioter Single is not yet released, Kent have already uploaded the new Idioter video to youtube which you can watch below:

2 March 2010: Kent Announce the Idioter Single and Begin Spring Tour!

This Monday Kent will release Röd's third single, Idioter. The Idioter single will be released as an EP with five tracks in total, including a demo of Idioter along with three remixes of other tracks from the album.

Idioter Tracklist:
1. Idioter (Single version)
2. Taxmannen (Andreas Tilliander Remix)
3. Ensamheten (Andrea Parker Remix)
4. Ensamheten (Erase Remix)
5. Idioter (Demo)

Idioter will be released digitally on 8 March followed by the physical release two days later on 10 March.

Starting last Thurday night Kent kicked off their Spring tour with four sold out shows at Annexet, Stockholm. In recent weeks several new shows have been added to Kent's tour plan for 2010 and you can view the complete list of concerts on the Kent Tour page.

Kent has also released a variety of new Kent merchandise to be sold on tour, including a 48 page tour book. You can view all the merchandise at

Camela Leierth, who duetted on Generation Ex on Kent's last album Tillbaka Till Samtiden, also joins Kent on tour as a special guest. Camela will be at all Kent's Spring concerts except for Bodö. Camela's upcoming album "Morning Has Been All Night Coming" will be released later this Spring.

Another exciting new tour-related development is Kent fans can now twitter about Kent's concerts, sending in reports of shows along with pictures, allowing other Kent fans to follow the concerts from home in almost real time. The twitter tag is #kentnu and you can follow at

Just before the start of Kent's tour last Thursday, the PSL Blog managed to get an exclusive chat with members of Kent. The interview (in Swedish) is in three parts and you can view them by going to and scrolling down to the three videos posted under the heading "PSL pratar med Kent" ("PSL talks to Kent").

21 January 2010: Kent Win Two Grammies and P3 Guld

Kent have won two Swedish Grammies for their album Röd. Last Friday night Kent were awarded the prizes of Rock Band of the Year and Producer of the Year (along with Joshua) at the 2010 Swedish Grammy Awards.

Kent were originally nominated for six grammies and then became finalists for Grammies in five categories:
On Tuesday Kent were also awarded prizes at the P3 awards. This year P3 listeners voted Kent the Group of the Year. Kent previously have won P3 Group of the Year at the P3 Awards in 2008, 2006, and 2003, as well as winning the award for Track of the Year in 2003.

11 December 2009: The Hjärta Single to be Released by Christmas and Kent's Summer Festival

Kent have announced their new single Hjärta will be released just before Christmas as an EP with three remixes. Unfortunately there will be no new b-side songs.

Hjärta Tracklist:
1. Hjärta (album version)
2. Hjärta Alf Tumble Remix (radio edit)
3. Hjärta Alf Tumble Remix
4. Hjärta Housewives Remix

The digital version of the Hjärta single will be released 21 December and the single will be physically released two days later on 23 December.

Kent have also now announced six more live performances for the summer:

1 July - Borlänge, Peace & Love
7 July - Hultsfred, Hultsfredsfestivalen
15 July - Arvika, Arvikafestivalen
25 July - Mariehamn, Rockoff Festival (Åland)
30 July - Östersund, Storsjöyran
8 August - Skanderborg, Skanderborg Festival (Denmark)

Kent have said they will soon announce more concerts to add to these summer tour dates.

4 December 2009: Hjärta the Next Single and Kent Award Nominations

Kent have now announced that the next single from the album Röd will be Hjärta. Kent will soon release more information about the upcoming single.

Kent have also been nominated for six Swedish Grammies this year in these categories:
The winners will be announced at the Grammy Awards on Friday 15 January in Stockholm.

Kent have been nominated for the P3 Guld awards too. Kent is nominated for Group of the Year at this year's awards. The P3 Awards will take place on 19 January in Gothenburg.

The video of Kent's launch party for Röd from the Bowery Hotel in New York has now been posted online at youtube. You can watch the video below:

16 November 2009: Kent Straight to Number 1 and Kent on American Radio

Kent now holds both prime positions in Sweden's album and singles charts. Kent's Röd has gone straight to number 1 as the current best selling album in Sweden. The Kent single 2000 also holds the number 1 spot for singles in Sweden.


On 10 November Kent played at the Soccer Awards which were shown on Swedish TV4. You can watch Kent's performance at TV4

On Sunday Kent was on American radio. The Spectrum is an American satellite radio station broadcast on Sirius XM. Kent joined the radio program Nordic Rox on The Spectrum to talk about their new album Röd and to pick 14 of their favorite songs to be played. The show was broadcast on Sunday, November 15 at 8:00 pm ET but it will be broadcast again on Wednesday, November 18 at 11:00 pm ET.

Here are the songs they chose:

1. Busy P - "Rainbow Man"
2. White Lies - "Death"
3. Aphex Twin - "Tha"
4. Editors - "Papillon" (Tiesto remix - long version)
5. The Big Pink - "Velvet"
6. MGMT - "Electric Feel" (Justice remix)
7. Maccabees - "Love You Better"
8. Friendly Fires - "Kiss of Life"
9. The Faint - "The Geeks Were Right” ( Boys Noize vs. D.I.M Remix)
10. The Killers - "Spaceman"
11. Massive Attack - "Teardrop"
12. Phoenix - "1901"
13. MSTRKRFT ft. John Legend - "Heartbreaker”
14. Spiritualized - "Run"

The show was recorded during the last weekend when Kent was in New York. The Spectrum put out a press release before the show. Below is part of it:


WHO: Swedish Grammy®-Award winning band kent.

WHAT: The members of the Swedish alternative rock band kent will be featured during a special edition of SIRIUS XM’s Nordic Rox, SIRIUS XM’s Scandinavian music show. The band will sit down with Nordic Rox host Sven Lindstrom to discuss their music, including their latest release Röd.

The special will also feature the band members playing and talking about some of their favorite music during their guest DJ session. Listeners will be treated to a rare glimpse of the music and artists that inspired the Swedish Grammy-Award winning band as they created their newest album.

WHERE: The Spectrum, SIRIUS channel 18 and XM channel 45.

WHEN: The special episode of Nordic Rox with kent will air on Sunday, November 15 at 8:00 pm ET and will be rebroadcast on Wednesday, November 18 at 11:00 pm ET.

UPDATE: If you want to listen to Kent on American radio, 748 from the forum has posted the audio at

7 November 2009: Kent Live from New York has some photos from Kent's live performance from last night's release party at The Bowery Hotel, New York.

In other news, if you are looking to buy the deluxe edition of Röd you will have to wait a few more days as its release has been temporarily delayed until 11 November because of distribution problems.

5 November 2009: See Kent Live from New York

On Friday night, Kent will celebrate the release of their new album Röd, with 200 invited guests at The Bowery Hotel in New York. During the evening, Kent will play six songs from the new album live. These will be shown online on Saturday morning at 10am Swedish Time at Aftonbladet web TV.


4 November 2009: Röd to be Released a day Early at!

It has just been announced that Röd will be released for download in digital format from tomorrow at 8am Swedish time. Kent fans can purchase and download Röd by using the widget in the red title box at the top of the page. The physical CD of Röd will be released a day later on Friday in Swedish music stores. also announces that Röd will be available in 320kbps mp3's as well as in FLAC format (lossless CD quality format) due to requests from Kent fans on the forum. Both formats are offered at the same download price.

On 2 November the new songs 2000 and Tuna 350 were released for digital download from You can check out the video of 2000 below:

30 October 2009: Kent Perform Svarta Linjer Live!

Today Kent unveiled a new track from Röd: Svarta Linjer (Black Lines) with a great performance on the Swedish TV show Skavlan.

Also on 2 November Kent fans will get to hear two more new songs. The song "2000" was specially written for the Swedish TV series called "Hemlös" (Homeless). Although the physical release of 2000 will be limited to 100 auctioned copies, the song will be released digitally on Monday 2 November. All proceeds from both the physical and digital sales will go to the Stockholm society for homeless.

Martin Sköld and Markus Mustonen composed music for the town of Eskilstuna's 350th anniversary celebrations which happened on 25 October. The song "Tuna 350" is 22 minutes long and will be digitally released on 2 November also. Both songs can be purchased digitally at through clicking the widget in the red and white heading.

On 6 November Kent will be having its release party for Röd at The Bowery Hotel in New York. Kent's official site has a few invitations it's willing to give away to some Kent fans who are in New York on the day. They suggest if you will be in New York you send them an email with you and your potential guest's full names and ages to try for a ticket.

Kent is also offering the chance to win a deluxe edition of Röd by remixing Töntarna. The remix tools are provided for you and the idea is to spread your remix through Facebook and other sites to get as many listens as possible. The mix with the most listens will win the deluxe copy of Röd. Entries that place between second and sixth will win a standard edition copy of Röd. The competition runs up until 15 November.

21 October 2009: Röd Available for Pre-order from iTunes Sweden

Today information about pre-ordering Röd from iTunes Sweden was posted at the home page of The following is the english translation of the post:

Kent Röd
You can now pre-order the upcoming album Röd from iTunes Store Sweden.

As you can see in the picture Apple has decided to censor the title of "Vals För Satan (Din Vän Pessimisten)" and as you can also see, you will get a digital booklet with the album.

16 October 2009: Töntarna Single and Video Released and New Concerts

Kent Töntarna
Today Kent's new video for the Töntarna single premiered. You can watch it at the homepage of On the same page there is also an interview that was shown on Swedish TV with the creator of the new Töntarna video, Johan Söderberg, about the making of the video.

On 12 October the physical CD version of Töntarna was released for purchase in Sweden and on 10 October the digital single version of Töntarna including the two remix tracks by Punks Jump Up and Familjen was released for purchase and download on

On 12 October released some new information about the Röd Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition of Röd will be released on 6 November. It contains three 10 inch vinyl records, one CD with a special cover, a USB stick with mp3's and high resolution files and a 118 page book. The Deluxe Edition also comes in a special cardboard box.

Kent's official site is also running a new competition for Kent fans. The winner of the contest will be invited to the release party of the new album Röd in New York, 6 November. They can take a friend and airfare and accomodation for 5-8 November is included. If you want to enter go to and answer the questions (in Swedish).

On Monday, October 12 at 9:00 am Kent released tickets for their upcoming Spring tour. Originally tickets for 14 concerts were sold but because some shows have sold out so quickly Kent has added four more concerts:

27 February - Stockholm, Annexet
28 February - Stockholm, Annexet
20 March - Göteborg, Lisebergshallen
21 March - Göteborg, Lisebergshallen

Kent has created music for a new Swedish TV series on homelessness. The new song called "2000" which Kent has made for the series will have a limited release of 100 copies. These copies will be auctioned by a Stockholm association for homeless. You can hear part of the new song below:

5 October 2009: New Single "Töntarna" Released and Album "Röd" Info!

Today Kent released the new single "Töntarna" (The Geeks) for digital download. On 12 October Töntarna will be physically released on CD with two remixes of Töntarna by Punks Jump Up and Familjen included. Kent's new album called Röd (Red) will then be released on 6 November. A four CD deluxe version of Röd will also be released although it has not yet been revealed what the extra discs contain.

Joakim Berg and Martin Sköld began work on Röd last year in New York and continued this year during April in Hansastudion/Meistersaal in Berlin. Kent then continued the work in Psykbunkern/Park Studio, Hyltinge Kyrka and various other places. Röd features 11 songs and is produced by Kent & Joshua.

Röd Tracklist:
1. 18:29-4
2. Taxmannen
3. Krossa Allt
4. Hjärta
5. Sjukhus
6. Vals För Satan (Din Vän Pessimisten)
7. Idioter
8. Svarta linjer
9. Ensamheten
10. Töntarna
11. Det Finns inga Ord
Kent will tour Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway in the Spring of 2010. There are currently 14 concerts booked starting Stockholm on 25 February and ending in Örebro on 30 March. The tickets to Kent's tour will be released on Monday 12 October.

Tourdates for Spring 2010:
25 February - Stockholm, Annexet
26 February - Stockholm, Annexet
3 March - Gävle, Läkerol Arena
5 March - Helsingfors, Hartwall Arena
10 March - Linköping, Cloetta Center
12 March - Århus, Kongresscenter
13 March - Köpenhamn, Tap1
14 March - Malmö, Malmö Arena
18 March - Göteborg, Lisebergshallen
19 March - Göteborg, Lisebergshallen
24 March - Oslo, Oslo Spektrum
25 March - Bergen, Grieghallen
27 March - Bodö, Bodö Spektrum
30 March - Örebro, Conventum Arena

The digital version of the Töntarna single can be purchased for download at or itunes.

Update: I've posted the lyrics and translation of Töntarna: Kent - Töntarna Lyrics

The official Kent website, yesterday updated its look, taking on a red and white color scheme to reflect the upcoming album. It has also added the feature of letting visitors comment on news posts and other pages. You do not need to register to leave a comment and can use your Facebook or Twitter accounts to comment. Also yesterday, PSL (, the Swedish music site, posted an interview in Swedish with Joakim Berg which you can read by visiting the site.

21 April 2009: Album 8!

The World's Best Band have been busy working on their eighth album during the past year. Today Joakim Berg posted the following in the forum:

Just returned home from Berlin...

Session Number 1

We have started on the recordings for what will be our eighth album.
For two weeks we have been extremely focussed and recorded a huge number of songs.
The songs were written during last year and up until the beginning of April.
They are of course the best we have ever done.

However we don't know exactly when the album will be released.
In a few days we'll go back to recording in the Bunker.

Our musical year has started just fantastically.
Humble greetings from The World's Best Band right now. now also has a twitter channel at where you can read Kent news and announcements (in Swedish).

John ME
Mattias Edlund, ex-singer of the Swedish band The Motorhomes, released his debut album "I Am John" under his new solo name John ME ( on 8 April. The second track, which is also the new single released on 6 April, "Run" was co-written by Joakim Berg. Jocke also sings backing vocals on the song and Markus Mustonen plays the drums.

23 December 2008: Kent Gives Their Fans A Brand New Song For Christmas

Kent has wished their fans a merry Christmas and a happy New Year with a brand new song today available for free download from their official site.

The song is called "På Drift?" ("On the Road?") and was recorded in Park Studio during the 1st and 2nd of December 2008. It was mixed by Stefan Boman of Park Studio and tracks 1-3 were mastered by Henrik Johnsson of Masters of Audio. An alternate version of the song will be used in the new video against bullying for the charity Friends. The film is directed by Joakim Berg's brother, Adam Berg. It will premier on Swedish television in the near future or you can also view the video at youtube.

To download På Drift? go to and on the main page there is a list of links to download the song from in various formats and quality depending on your preference.

Update: I've posted the lyrics and translation: Kent - På Drift? Lyrics

30 October 2008: Kent's Box 1991-2008 Released

Yesterday Kent released the 10 disc box set "Kent Box 1991-2008". In addition to all of Kent's albums the set contains 26 bonus tracks including demos, songs from the days when Kent were Jones & Giftet and Havsänglar, unreleased tracks, B-sides and live versions. You can view the tracklist and more information in the Kent Box 1991-2008 discography entry.

Kent's Box 1991-2008 has now made history by already selling gold in Sweden (20 000 copies) since its release yesterday! No other box set has ever sold gold in Sweden within a day of its release. Kent will be signing copies of the box set on 6 November at 12 noon in Åhléns City in Stockholm and at 6pm at Bengans in Gothenburg.

On Friday 31 October, the art exhibition "Rockonst: 08" opens at Söder in Stockholm. It features paintings of Kent (such as the one to the left), Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson, Kraftwerk, The Sounds and David Bowie created by artist Christina Englund.

23 September 2008: Kent Announce 10 CD Box Set!

Kent have announced they will release a 10 cd box set on 29 October summing up their entire career up until now. The set will also include 26 bonus tracks which include 15 previously unreleased songs. There will also be a 96 page book, photos, lyrics, and a history of Kent's tours included.

Kent - Box 1991-2008

19 September 2008: Kent's Demo Contest

Kent in conjunction with the Swedish music magazine Studio has launched a demo contest to win five days in Park Studio with Stefan Boman and Sami Sirviö.

Participants should send in their demo to be judged by the jury of Kent and Stefan Boman who will select which they think is the best. The winner gets 5 days in Kent's Park Studio together with Stefan Boman and Sami Sirviö.

- The song should be original material.
- The band/artist is unsigned (ie not related to any record company).
- The contribution will be in MP3 or AAC format.
- The size must not exceed 5MB.
- Application deadline is October 31 2008.

Participants should write a few lines about themselves and remember to leave contact information. Contributions should be sent to:

Park Studio competition page:

21 August 2008: Joakim Berg On Olle Ljungström Tribute Album

Kent have posted another press release on their official site stating that Joakim Berg will perform on a tribute album to Swedish singer/songwriter Olle Ljungström.

Olle Ljungström's myspace:

The album is called "Andra sjunger Olle Ljungström" (Others Sing Olle Ljungström). Here is my translation of the press release:

"Producer Robert Qwarforth has collected 12 of his favourite songs by Olle Ljungström and Heinz Liljedahl, with participation from some of the world's leading singers who deliver some very personal interpretations.

Among the participants are Jocke Berg, Thomas Di Leva, Lisa Miskovsky, Eric Gadd, and Bosse Sundstrom.

No one can deny the influence Ljungström and Liljedahl have had on the Swedish music scene. Many of today's Swedish stars have been inspired and fascinated by Olle's highly distinctive way of expressing himself.

To mention the relationship between some of the participants and Olle Ljungström:

Joakim Berg (lead singer of Kent):
One time in the beginning a person phoned my apartment in central Stockholm and claimed that he was Olle Ljungström. He further said that he wanted to thank me for a song I wrote that he loved. Of course I did not believe him because 1. Why would a living legend care at all about me and our still relatively unknown band? 2. How would he have gotten hold of my number? (I was not in the phone directory) 3. What could I write that would mean something to one of Sweden's few brilliant rock stars?

When I realized that it really was Olle Ljungström, I suppose that I could only stammer out a pathetic thanks and that he had meant a lot to me. My memory failing, as it always does when you become stressed. There is a lot I should have said about his music. About why he is so extremely good, trend-setting and important. But what Olle said I will never forget and it is still the best compliment I have ever received.

The album "Andra sjunger Olle Ljungström" includes:
Joakim Berg - Nåt för dom som väntar
Love Olzon - Jag och min far
Thomas Di Leva - En apa som liknar dig
Sara Isaksson - Som man bäddar
Alf - Hur långt kan det gå
Eric Gadd - Som du
Ane Brun/Emil Jensen - Vissa funktioner
Andreas Mattsson - Du och jag
Uno Svenningsson - Kaffe och en cigarrett
Tomas Andersson Wij - Med eller utan v Bosse Sundström - Tivoli

Andra sjunger Olle Ljungström will be released on Warner Music September 24."

20 August 2008: Kent In Guitar Hero World Tour

A Press Release has been posted at Kent's official site stating that Kent will appear in the upcoming game Guitar Hero World Tour with the song VinterNoll2. Here is my translation of the entire press release:

"Kent conquers the world together with Guitar Hero World Tour

This autumn the long awaited television-game Guitar Hero World Tour will be released. Today, it is made official: one of the Nordic bands in Guitar Hero World Tour is Kent. The band is contributing with the song VinterNoll2.

- "We are extremely proud that Kent is in the game" says Nikke Lindner, head of Guitar Hero for the Nordic region. "We had a long list of Nordic bands that we wanted to be included in Guitar Hero World Tour and Kent was at the top of the list. The band themselves have chosen the song that will be contributed, which makes it even better."

VinterNoll2 will be included in every Guitar Hero World Tour, including the edition to be released in the United States and Australia.

- "This is a different and fun way for the band to reach out to a new audience with their music. It is also fun for all the fans that can now play VinterNoll2" says Per Lindholm, A&R at Kents record company RCA / Sony BMG.

- "Guitar Hero is the television-game that has reached one billion US dollars in sales, so we expect that several million Guitar Hero fans around the world will be able to enjoy VinterNoll2" continues Nikke Lindner.

With the release of Guitar Hero World Tour you will be able for the first time to play as a whole orchestra with authentic drums (including pressure sensitive cymbals and drums), microphone, guitar and bass. Along with a recording studio, it will be possible to compose, record and edit and share your rock songs online via GHTunes.

Other songs that have been made official are:
Anouk - Good God
Beatsteaks - Hail to the Freaks
Coldplay - Shiver
Hush Puppies - You're Gonna say yeah
Lenny Kravitz - Are you gonna go my way
Lost Prophets - Rooftops
The Enemy - Aggro
Mars Volta - L'Via L'Viaquez
Michael Jackson - Beat It
Radio Futura - Escuela De Calor
Stuck in the sound - Toy Boy
Tokio Hotel - Monsoon"

13 August 2008: Kent In 360 Degrees

When Kent played at Strömsholmen in Eskilstuna on 12 July the concert was filmed using the "wec360" camera in a special technique known as spherical panorama photography. In this technique the photos are joined together to create a three dimensional view. The photographers were Per Hjalmarsson and Mattias von Corswant. Visit to see the 360 degree views of Kent's concert.

6 August 2008: Kent's Summer Tour Completed

Kent's Summer Tour has now finished with the last concert being played on 2 August in Korso, Finland. In the course of about one month Kent played at 17 different locations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Now that Kent have finished their tour they have stated that they will immediately begin work on their next album.

17 July 2008: Kent Summer Tour Update

Kent is currently performing their summer tour which began on 27 June in Borlänge, Sweden and will run until 2 August. Kent will visit a total of 17 locations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. As well as Håkan Hellström and Thåström opening for Kent at several different venues, it has also been announced that Swedish musician Markus Krunegård ( will open for Kent in Norrköping, Sweden on 1 August. Previously the lead singer of the Swedish pop band Laakso, Markus recently released his debut solo album "Mark" in Sweden.

Kent has also been playing a new song on tour called Håll Ditt Huvud Högt (Hold Your Head Up High). You can listen to the new song on youtube. I have added the lyrics and the English translation at the Kent - Håll Ditt Huvud Högt lyrics page.

Joakim Berg has recently stated in an interview that Kent will begin work on a new album as soon as their summer tour for Tillbaka Till Samtiden is over.

UPDATE: I have posted my translation of the interview in the Kent Interviews section.

7 July 2008: Stjärnorna i Psykbunkern Premiere

Today the first of a series of videos clips called "Stjärnorna i Psykbunkern" (Stars in Psykbunkern) showing Kent in their studio, Psykbunkern, premiered. There will be 25 videos in total shown throughout the summer of about 2-6 minutes in length each. Visit Per Sinding-Larsen's blog PSL ( to view the videos (in Swedish).

On 2 July Kent physically released the single Vy från ett luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix). The release is a one track CD featuring just the title track.

26 June 2008: New Video Chosen For Vy från ett luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix) Single

The new official video for the Vy från ett luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix) single has now been decided. The winner is "Gamla Filmklipp" (Old Filmclips) which you can view in the Kent Videos section.

The video makers Lars Lind, Erik Lind and Kajsa Engdahl from Östersund have won a VIP pass to a Kent concert, a merchandise kit, and will meet Kent at a concert of their choice. Kent has said it was very close between finalists number 1 - "Gamla filmklipp" and 3 - "Kille med baseballträ" (Guy with baseball bat). You can view the five finalists in the previous post below as well as all 65 videos submitted. The Vy från ett luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix) single will be released July 2 as a one track CD single.

On July 7, the first of a series of videos clips called "Stjärnorna i Psykbunkern" (Stars in Psykbunkern) showing Kent in their studio, Psykbunkern, will premiere at Per Sinding-Larsen's blog PSL at Such things talked about will be: should Kent make a new album and what happened when Kent met their idol Martin Gore from Depeche Mode. There will be 25 videos in total shown throughout the summer of about 2-6 minutes in length each. Per Sinding-Larsen was one of the makers of the Kent documentary "Så Nära Får Ingen Gå (Ett År Med Kent)".

The Quartfestivalen in Norway has been cancelled and so Kent will not be playing the concert on 3 July. Instead Kent will play a new concert on 10 July at Skralfestivalen in Grimstad, Norway.

23 June 2008: Finalists Chosen For Vy från ett luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix) Video

Kent has ended up choosing five finalists out of the 65 videos submitted for contention as the Vy från ett luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix) video. The band was impressed with the quality of the videos fans have submitted. Here are the top 5:

1. Gamla filmklipp
2. Lillördag på Pappersvikningsfabriken
3. Kille med baseballträ
4. Animation av papper och tyger
5. Tecknade pappersfigurer

You can view all of the 65 videos at youtube. If you are a member of the forum you can vote for the video in the forum. The forum is in Swedish and to prevent vote doubling it is not allowing registration of any new members until the voting period is over.

15 June 2008: New Kent Single: "Vy från ett luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix)"

Kent have released a new single for free download from their official page: "Vy från ett luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix)".

There is also a contest for fans to create their own video for the single, with the winner receiving a prize. Fans can upload their videos to Kent's youtube channel. The theme for the video is to be "Lill-lördag" which means little Saturday, referring to a night off work to go out. The contest will run from 16 to 23 June, when fans will vote on three finalists, and the winner will then be announced on 26 June.

Visit to download the mp3 of the new Kent single "Vy från ett luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix)".
Visit Kent's youtube channel at to enter the competition to create the video.

12 May 2008: Kent Tour Update

It has been announced that Håkan Hellström will also join Kent for the concert in Eskilstuna, meaning that he will play with Kent in Helsingborg, Strömstad and Eskilstuna.

Swedish rock singer-songwriter Joakim Thåström will also team up with Kent for two concerts in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Thåström will open for Kent with concerts that are "almost acoustic."

The Kent concert in Strömstad on July 11 has now been moved from the venue of Bojarkilen to Strömsvallen.

30 April 2008: Three Kent Singles In Norway's Top 25

This week Kent has all three of the singles from Tillbaka Till Samtiden in the top 25 on Norway's singles charts:

17. Ingenting
24. Columbus
25. Generation ex

11 April 2008: Kent 2008 Summer Tour Update

Kent have posted a press release announcing that the opening acts for their summer tour will be Håkan Hellström and The Storm. They will support Kent on three recently announced new July concerts: Håkan Hellström will open for Kent at the concert in Strömstad on July 11 and the concert in Helsingborg on July 23. The Storm will open for Kent in Copenhagen on July 26. These three new concerts have now been added to the Kent Tour section.

Håkan Hellström has recently released the critically acclaimed album "För sent för Edelweiss". To view more information about Håkan Hellström you can visit his homepage at

The Storm is the new Danish band formed by duo Johan Wohlert (from the band "Mew") and Pernilla Rosendal. Their acclaimed debut album "When the storm meets the ground" has already sold 35 000 copies in Denmark. To view more information about The Storm you can visit their myspace at

The opening acts for the concerts in Stockholm, Eskilstuna, Gothenburg and Norrköping will soon be announced.

This Summer Kent will play 17 concerts: 10 festivals and 7 of their own concerts.

9 April 2008: The Generation Ex Single Released

Kent Generation Ex
Today Kent released the CD single of Generation Ex, the third single from the Tillbaka Till Samtiden album. Here's the tracklist:
1. Generation Ex
2. Berlin (Simon Brenting Remix)
3. Det Kanske Kommer En Förändring

The Generation Ex digital single was released for online download on 7 April, and the Generation Ex video also had its TV premiere on Swedish MTV on 7 April, after first being released on the official website on 4 April. You can view the Generation Ex video at the Kent Generation Ex Video page. The video is again produced by Popcore.

27 March 2008: Kent Announces Third Single "Generation Ex" For April

Kent has just announced that the third single from Tillbaka Till Samtiden will be Generation Ex. The single will be released online in digital format on 7 April and released in stores on 9 April.

As well as the title track, the Generation Ex single will feature the B-Side "Det Kanske Kommer En Förändring" (There might come a change) and a remix of Berlin by Simon Brenting.

18 February 2008: Kent's 2008 Summer Tour

Today Kent posted a press release on announcing they will play 14 new concerts for their Summer Tour. Here is the translation:

Kent are currently on a Winter tour in Scandinavia and after the last concert in Malmö on March 23 they will have performed 48 concerts. So far over 130 000 tickets have been sold.

Today it is announced that Kent will do 14 concerts this Summer. They will play at ten festivals, with three of those in Sweden. In addition to the festivals, Kent will play four of their own concerts in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Strömstad and Eskilstuna. At these concerts there will be support acts.

The tickets to these four concerts will go on sale Thursday, February 21 at 9am.

Kent's latest album Tillbaka Till Samtiden was the most sold album of 2007 in Sweden and was recently awarded prizes for Kent of two Grammis, one Rockbjörn and one P3 Guld.

Update: The new tour dates have been added to the Tour section.

27 January 2008: Photos From Kent's Concert in Bergen

There are photos of the 26 January concert in Bergen, Norway you can view over at

24 January 2008: Kent Wins Rockbjörn Award For Best Album

Kent has won their tenth Rockbjörn Award for Best Swedish Album of 2007 (Tillbaka Till Samtiden) at the Rockbjörnen Gala in Stockholm. The band was nominated for four 2007 Rockbjörn Awards in total: Best Swedish Album, Best Swedish Group, Best Song, and Best Live Act.

Kent could not attend the ceremony as they were playing live in Arendal, Norway but they sent a pre-recorded acceptance speech which you can view at (in Swedish) Joakim says they are glad to win their tenth Rockbjörn Award, says "we love you" to their fans and thanks them for voting, coming to their concerts and buying their records.

23 January 2008: Kent Begins 2008 Tour

Today Kent kicked off their 2008 Spring Tour with a concert in Ås, Norway. The tour will last until July, with Kent playing 34 concerts in Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. For the complete list of tour dates see the Kent Tour section.

18 January 2008: Kent Wins P3's Best Group of the Year

Congratulations to Kent for winning Best Group of 2007 in P3 Guld, the annual awards of Sweden's Radio P3.

14 January 2008: Tillbaka Till Samtiden the Best Selling Album of 2007 In Sweden

Kent's new album Tillbaka Till Samtiden was the best selling album of last year in Sweden, with more than 145 000 copies sold. Here are the top five best selling albums for Sweden, 2007 (source IFPI):

1. Kent - Tillbaka Till Samtiden
2. Paul Potts - One Chance
3. Bruce Springsteen - Magic
4. Lars Winnerbäck - Daugava
5. Markoolio - Värsta Plattan

9 January 2008: Kent Wins Best Group and Best Album Grammis

Congratulations to Kent for winning Best Group of 2007 and Best Album of 2007 for Tillbaka Till Samtiden at the Swedish Grammis!

13 December 2007: Kent's Columbus Video Released

Today the official video for the Columbus Single was released. Popcore is the video producer. You can view the Kent Columbus Video in the videos section.

Also Kent yesterday announced four new tour dates in Norway for July 2008. They are the following:

July 2008
3 Kristiansand - Quartfestivalen
17 Tønsberg - Slottsfjellfestivalen
18 Molde - Molde International Jazzfestival
19 Tromsø - Buktafestivalen

6 December 2007: Kent Nominated for Five Grammis and Wins Swedish Pop Cup

Kent was up against Lars Winnerbäck in the final of the Swedish Popcupen and has emerged the victor with 61% of the votes.

Kent have been nominated for five Swedish Grammies in the following categories:
Album of the Year - Tillbaka Till Samtiden
Group of the Year - Kent
Composer of the Year - Joakim Berg / Martin Sköld
Producer of the Year - Jon Joshua Schuman / Kent
Lyric Writer of the Year - Joakim Berg

The winners will be announced during the Grammis Gala at the Globe in Stockholm, on 9 January 2008.

Kent has also been nominated for Group of the Year in P3 Guld, the annual awards of Sweden's Radio P3.

5 December 2007: The Columbus Single Released

Kent Columbus
Today Kent released Columbus, the second single from the Tillbaka Till Samtiden album. Here's the tracklist:
1. Columbus 4:26
2. Columbus (Krister Linder Remix) 7:19
3. Vid din sida (Max Graham Club Remix) 7:11
4. Tick Tack 4:01

29 November 2007: Kent Announce 30 Tourdates for 2008

From 23 January to 23 March Kent will play a 30 concert tour covering Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. You can view the tour dates and details in the Kent Tour section. Tickets will go on sale Monday, 3 December.

The support act for Kent will be "Familjen", the Swedish electronic one man group of Johan T Karlsson. Andreas Tilliander will help out playing instruments at Familjen's live performances.

20 November 2007: Columbus Is The Next Single

Columbus has been announced as the second single from the album Tillbaka Till Samtiden. It will be released on 5 December, here is the tracklist:
1. Columbus 4:26
2. Columbus (Krister Linder Remix) 7:19
3. Vid din sida (Max Graham Club Remix) 7:11
4. Tick Tack 4:01

Also Tillbaka Till Samtiden has now gone triple platinum with over 120 000 copies sold.

17 November 2007: Kent News Update

Kent are currently touring in Sweden after playing their first concert on November 16 at Stockholm - Annexet. More concerts at the same venue will be played on the 17th, 18th, and 19th and then Kent will play three concerts in Gothenburg - Lisebergshallen from the 23rd to 25th before departing for Norway. Also there has been new Kent merchandise released which will also be sold in Swedish stores.

As of 16 November Tillbaka Till Samtiden is at number 2 on the Swedish album charts, after previously spending four weeks at number 1 after release. The single Ingenting spent a total of five weeks at the top of the Swedish singles charts upon release. Also, DJ Loubar has provided remixes of the Tillbaka Till Samtiden tracks Ingenting and Berlin.

4 November 2007: Kent Begins Tour

Today Kent began their tour with a concert at The House of Culture in Helsinki. It was reportedly a great show. The concert lasted for 1 hour 45 minutes and there was no opening act. Here's the setlist:

Vy från ett luftslott
Max 500
Kungen är död
Berg & Dalvana
Revolt III
Pojken med hålet i handen
LSD, någon?
Romeo återvänder ensam
Generation Ex
Musik non stop
Kärleken väntar
Ensammast i Sverige


Mannen i den vita hatten (16 år senare)

27 October 2007: Kent Interview at Release Music Magazine

Release Music Magazine has posted an interview with Kent in English. Some things Kent talks about are the new electronic sound and the reasons for going in that direction, the upcoming tour and the new touring guitarist Max Brandt as well as why they chose smaller venues, and potential remixes for the second single. The interview is at

22 October 2007: Warm Reception for Kent in Sweden

Kent's new material has been very well received in Sweden with both Ingenting and Tillbaka Till Samtiden having gone straight to the top of their respective charts upon release.

Tillbaka Till Samtiden was officially released on 17 October although early copies were being sold from 12 October, most likely because of the fact that the album had been leaked early online. According to an article titled "Kent totally dominates record sales" at, Tillbaka Till Samtiden accounted for 40% of all albums sold in Sweden in the week 11 to 17 October. The album also sold double platinum (more than 80 000 copies) in this first week (despite not being "officially" released until the last day of that week).

11 October 2007: Early Copies of Tillbaka Till Samtiden Released

Kent Tillbaka Till Samtiden
Although Tillbaka Till Samtiden's release date is officially 17 October, today many fans have already been sent their pre-ordered copy from internet music stores in Sweden. And in some Swedish music stores you can even buy the album over the counter. The album has been leaked on file sharing sites too. Also, once again Kent's albums will be sold in USA starting with Du Och Jag Doden, through the label "The First Time Records".

24 September 2007: New Album Tracklist

The tracklist for Tillbaka Till Samtiden has been revealed through Sony BMG's Norwegian website:
1. Elefanter (Elephants)
2. Berlin
3. Ingenting (Nothing)
4. Vid Din Sida (At your side)
5. Columbus
6. Sömnen (The sleep)
7. Vy Från Ett Luftslott (View from castles in the air)
8. Våga Vara Rädd (Dare to be afraid)
9. LSD, Någon? (LSD, anyone?)
10. Generation Ex
11. Ensammast I Sverige (Loneliest in Sweden)

18 September 2007: Video for Ingenting

The new video for Ingenting was released today. It was created by Adam Berg and Mattias Montero. I have added it to the Videos section. I have also added the translation for Min Värld to the lyrics page.

17 September 2007: New Kent Single "Ingenting" Released

Kent Ingenting
Today Kent released their new single "Ingenting". Below is the tracklist from the single:
1. Ingenting
2. Ingenting (Alex Dolby And Santos Remix)
3. Ingenting (Shieldster Remix)
4. Ingenting (Copyfokking Rmx)
5. Min värld

16 August 2007: New Single "Ingenting" To Be Released 17 September

Kent have today announced their new single "Ingenting" which means "Nothing" in English. The single will be released 17 September, exactly one month before the album Tillbaka Till Samtiden. Ingenting will be a maxi single and Kent is also going to make it available for download and available as a ringtone.

Cover art for Ingenting:
Kent Ingenting

Art for Tillbaka Till Samtiden:
Kent Tillbaka Till Samtiden

Kent have also added three new tour dates:
5 November: Helsinki - House of Culture
6 November: Helsinki - House of Culture
30 November: Oslo - Sentrum Scene

4 August 2007: Tour Selling Out. Extra Dates Announced

Kent's upcoming tour has been met with overwhelming popularity, causing new tour dates to be announced, with all but two of the concerts (1 December Trondheim, 9 December Copenhagen) now sold out.

This follows all of the original tour dates in Sweden being sold out within 45 minutes, with the November 17 concert in Stockholm and the concert in Gothenburg taking just 16 minutes to sell out. After announcing one extra concert in each of these two cities, the tickets sold out in only 12 minutes, prompting Kent to add even more shows.

So the revised tour dates and locations are the following:

November 2007
4th Helsinki - House of Culture
16th Stockholm - Annexet
17th Stockholm - Annexet
18th Stockholm - Annexet (Extra Concert)
19th Stockholm - Annexet (Extra Concert)
23rd Gothenburg - Lisebergshallen
24th Gothenburg - Lisebergshallen (Extra Concert)
25th Gothenburg - Lisebergshallen (Extra Concert)
28th Oslo - Sentrum Scene
29th Oslo - Sentrum Scene (Extra Concert)

December 2007
1st Trondheim - Spectrum
6th Lund - Olympen
7th Lund - Olympen (Extra Concert)
8th Copenhagen - KB Hallen
9th Copenhagen - KB Hallen (Extra Concert)

Of the above dates, only 1 December Trondheim and 9 December Copenhagen are not currently sold out. However Kent will also be playing more shows in February and March of next year in all of the Nordic countries.

18 July 2007: Kent Announces Release Date For The New Album

Kent has issued a press release about the new album and tour. The new album's title is "Tillbaka Till Samtiden" (Back to the Present) and it will be released on 17 October.

The dates and locations for Kent's upcoming tour are the following:
4/11 Helsinki Kultuuritalo (House of Culture)
16/11 Stockholm Annexet
17/11 Stockholm Annexet
23/11 Göteborg Lisebergshallen
28/11 Oslo Sentrumscenen
1/12 Trondheim Spectrum
6/12 Lund Olympen
8/12 Köpenhamn KB Hallen

Kent's website also now has a splash screen with a photo of the band looking very old fashioned, presumably a promotion shot for the new album. You can view the full size image in the Kent Pictures section.

1 June 2007: Kent's New Album Has Finished Recording

Jon Schumann, the producer of Kent's new album, has posted on his myspace blog that they have finished recording and he will soon begin the mixing stage.

23 May 2007: Official Kent Forum Back Online

It has been announced that the official Kent forum is now back after being offline for a long time. The address is and there is an English section as well as a Swedish. The old forum was really popular having 760,000 posts so be sure to check out the new one.

9 January 2007: Harri Mänty Leaves Kent

Harri Mänty, who plays rhythm guitar, has left Kent.

28 December 2006: Kent Announce New Album!

Kent have announced they are currenty working on a new album which should be ready in Autumn 2007. They have been recording in Sweden since November 21, after having spent some time recording the album in New York. The new producer is Joshua Schumann.

30 September 2006: New Lisa Miskovsky Album Co-written And Produced By Joakim Berg

Kent's singer, Joakim Berg, has co-written and produced a new album with Lisa Miskovsky titled Changes, which has been released on August 30, 2006. You can take a look at the complete lyrics from the album here.

21 June 2006: New Kent Song "Nålens öga" Released

Kent Nålens öga
Kent today released their new single "Nålens öga". It is a one track CD single and all proceeds of the release will go to the Swedish charity Save The Children. The song was used in a documentary on domestic violence against children called "Det handlar om ett barn" shown on Swedish TV, produced by TV4 and Save The Children.

The Swedish lyrics and English Translation are at the Kent Nålens öga Lyrics page.

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