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Kent - Jag Ser Dig Lyrics Translation (I See You)

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Album: Jag Är Inte Rädd För Mörkret
Lyrics: Joakim Berg
Music: Joakim Berg

Over Klara church steeple rises a pale and bitter sun
The traffic crawls, shiny like beetle shells in the moonlight
Your heart races prepares for acts of terrorism
You are fast as light but never get away from here

I follow your traces under heavy clouds
I know exactly where you are going
A lie easily becomes a truth when it comes from within
And the only thing that is certain is that
I see You
I can see You

We needle up experts pale men with night vision
They circle silently around the victims like a cloud of Thalidomide
They are calm over the land their words are free from lead
Hold on tight to your children now
You are shot in the back if you flee

Can you build something that carries us with so little light
Now when the love becomes tired and blind
Can you get all these pieces in place in the end
When the only thing that is certain is that
I see You

Shut out reality
Darling close your eyes
Do you hear the songs in the night sky
It will take an eternity
We close our eyes
And listen to a hymn that lives in the heartbeat
Anything but reality
I can see you at last
My friend I hear a song in your breath
Straight into eternity
Darling close your eyes
And listen, but what the hell you must listen now
For I can see You...

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