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Kent - Ensammast I Sverige Lyrics Translation (Loneliest in Sweden)

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Album: Tillbaka Till Samtiden
Lyrics: Joakim Berg
Music: Joakim Berg

Down from minus 50 degrees
The man beside me stinks of sweat
We go down into warm darkness
I disinherit you on a serviette

And I see you at the station
Like a mirage, a Prada-clone
I have a hidden need in my shawl
For unthinkable situations like this

I walked slowly towards the table
With my pending look
Over the mouth, in the middle of words
You hit as hard as you could

And I saw you liked it
From nearly bottomless melancholy
Came the love-warm violence
And the spilled wine becomes pale Rorschach tests

I see someone at a red light
The same NK-umbrella
And somewhere in my wallet
Glows a post-it from '97

Where ten ballpoint blue small numbers
Scream dare without words
But the moment slips away
Like shadows from small grey light clouds

I see your back from the taxi
Though I know that you have fled
From the cold, quiet land
I stamp the windscreen wiper's rhythm

And I remember nothing of what happened
But still I'm in a cold sweat
World champion at acting indifferent
Pity me, I am loneliest in Sweden

And I pulled you into my fall
And then I just slipped away
So I'm sorry, sorry for everything
For my damn split tongue
I have a photo somewhere
Where we are queens and kings
Now pictures lie everywhere
Where old faces are young
And I've been obsessed with searching
For feelings that are lost
And it's been a long long night
But I'm glad that my tears
Are controlled and calm

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