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Kent - Ansgar Och Evelyne Lyrics Translation (Ansgar & Evelyne)

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Album: The Hjärta Och Smärta EP
Lyrics: Joakim Berg
Music: Joakim Berg

From a clear sky the bomb falls down
We lie silent in a crater, smiling
As we see our era burning down

And I will protect you with my body
The air stings when we breathe in
I have always seen us as Ansgar and Evelyne

We will fill our stolen car
With expensive watches and Dexedrine
Souvenirs from the time when we were pigs

And you have taken me in from the cold
From German hard rock to Charles Valentin
In my book you are forever Evelyne

And how I wish that you were here now
I just want to hear your heartbeat
And how I wish that our war would end
I have learned from my mistakes
And you are just as alone as I

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