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Kent - 400 Slag Lyrics Translation (400 Blows)

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Album: Du Och Jag Döden
Lyrics: Joakim Berg
Music: Joakim Berg

The verdict fell on a morning flight to London
Like silent heavy steps on the way towards you
The verdict fell even though you always used a condom
And with the scythe in swing so your old friend waits

And like you played when you were children
And you stood at attention with your back straight and took four hundred blows

The sleep came and you lay so right in time
The verdict fell like tears on your screen
The sleep came like an opinion, right-wing
But versus dollar and yen death easily becomes a joke

And like you who played when you were children
You lost your war, you stand left alone

And no one comes to your defense
So you stand at attention with your back so straight and take four hundred blows

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